The Phoenix Cinema 

The Phoenix cinema is situated in the heart of East Finchley. After a long fundraising campaign, one of the oldest functioning cinemas underwent a full internal and external renovation. Due to its Grade II status and generally dilapidated condition, various options were considered. As the existing structure was suffering from major damp and waterproofing issues, an external wall insulation was chosen. 

The red rubber bricks used in the original construction had deteriorated to such an extent that they were no longer suitable as a base for the new insulation. In order to apply the new insulation system, we first had to take off all the loose, friable brick facing. The existing substrate was then rendered before applying the new system

Once the substrate had been rendered flat, the new insulation could be applied. This was particularly important as the finished facade had 5mm raised panels in contrasting colours to represent beams and columns.

Primars also carried out the internal plastering of a new cafe area. 


We also carried out repairs to the ornate ceiling alcoves.

Once the new neon signs were fitted, the renovation was complete.